Etching/engraving acrylic windows

Follow this instruction for applying colored marking (red, blue or UV) to plastic (Acrylic) windows.


The paste contained in this package is poisonous. Keep the paste out of the reach of children. Do not eat, drink or smoke while working with the paste. Keep the bottles with paste in a cool place, preferably locked. Templates, bottles and brushes should be disposed of carefully after use. (chemo waste bin) If paste comes into contact with your skin, wash it away as soon as possible with soap and warm water!

This is how the identification is applied in the windows


1. First check whether the CORRECT identification data has been punched in the strips (templates).
2. Thoroughly clean and grease the places where the identification data should be placed.
3. Apply Templates

tip: The better the template is pressed, the better the result will be.

4. Apply branding paste

Note: DO NOT TOUCH THE TICKETS: they will stay wet for about 30 minutes

5. Remove the labels from the windows
6. Remove marks with water

you will see your identification data neatly written in the windows, indelible and deterrent to would-be thieves.