Vehicle etching/engraving with UV etching paste

Follow this instruction for applying UV marking to painted surfaces


The UV branding paste contained in this kit is toxic. Keep the paste out of the reach of children. Do not eat, drink or smoke while working with the paste. Avoid contact with the skin. If a splash does get on the skin, rinse it off immediately with plenty of cold water.

We recommend that you apply the UV varnish engravings in the following places

All UV lacquer engravings are applied to the paint on the inside of the vehicle.


The UV brand paste may only be applied to the ORIGINAL FACTORY PAINT of your car!


1. First check whether the CORRECT identification data has been punched in the strips (templates).
2. Thoroughly clean and degrease the places where the identification data must be placed.
3. Apply Templates

tip: The better the stencil is pressed, the better the result will be.

4. Apply Brand Paste

Attention: DO NOT TOUCH THE TICKETS: they will stay wet for about 30 minutes

5. Remove the labels
6. Remove marks with water

Your UV markings can no longer be removed from the vehicle.

They are only visible under black light.