Car window vin number engraving set (kopieer)

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With this set you can engrave up to 10 car windows and mirrors with the Vehicle identification number (VIN) of your car.

  • The color of the markings is matt white.
  • The height of the marks is 6 mm.

This set contains:

  1. 12 ready-to-use one-time stencils*
  2. 2 warning stickers to make the marking clearly recognizable
  3. A plastic glass with our glass etching paste
  4. 1 brush to apply the paste to the stencils

*You will rarely need more than 10 templates for a car. However, we add two extra templates. If the car window breaks in the future, you can always provide the new window with the permanent coding. The paste has no expiration date.

Weight16 g


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