Mark ownership

upload a file if you need multiple labels with different text.
Put here per row, clearly separated from each other, 1st column with the text for label line 1 (only lettes and numbers) and a 2nd column with the text for label line 2.
Adjust the number based on the number of lines uploaded.

(max file size 256 MB)

With this set you can provide your object with a code of your choice. The paste can be used on almost all types of plastic, painted, sprayed and enameled surfaces. The paste will not work on bare metal.

  • The color of the markings is white, dark blue, orange or UV (visible with UV lamp).
  • The height of the markings is 6 mm.

This set contains:

  1. Ready-made stencils for one-time use
  2. Warning stickers to make the marking clearly visible
  3. Glass jar with our etching paste
  4. Alcohol wipes
  5. Brush to apply the paste to the stencils

10 – 49 = 0 %
50 – 99 = 10 %
100 – 249 = 17,5 %
250 – 499 = 25 %
500 -1000 = 30 %
>1000 = 35 %


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