Mark your property for theft prevention or easy return​


Mark ownership?​

Looking for an efficient and permanent way to mark property? In that case you are looking for the marking property engraving sets from Permanentmark.

Permanentmark offers a quick, easy and effective way of permanently marking property. We achieve this with our revolutionary etching paste that leaves a permanent marking on all plastic and painted surfaces.

Because the etching paste only takes about 5 minutes to apply, it is one of the most effective and efficient ways of marking property. This way you can ensure that your property is permanently marked. This way you can deter a potential thief from taking your marked property, therefore adding an extra layer of security to your marked property.

With this set you can provide your object with a code of your choice. The paste can be used on…

3,00 incl. tax

Applicable to a wide range of materials

With the etching paste from Permanentmark you can quickly and easily mark property in an effective and permanent way. This will ensure that the marking of the property will remain. This effective etching paste can be applied in a myriad of ways for an effective way of marking property.

It takes about 5 minutes to apply the permanent marking on your property, making it a very effective and time efficient way of marking property. Make sure your property is effectively and permanently marked with the marking property kit form Permanentmark.

Marking property has never been easier

It's that simple!


For detailed instruction on etching acrylic windows go to this page.

Possible colours

You can choose from 4 colours:

With this set you can provide your object with a code of your choice. The paste can be used on…

3,00 incl. tax

At Permanentmark we have different sets that engrave your property​

Permanentmark specializes in products that are an effective way to mark property. We have different engraving kits for different types of applications. A few applications include engraving sets for campers, car engraving kits, engraving sets for caravans and many more. With this engraving method, you can permanently mark property to deter potential theft of your vehicles or other property. Another reason to use our engraving sets is because it will only take about 5 minutes to apply, making it a very efficient way of marking property. Order quickly from Permanentmark.